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Public Safety Day


Welcome to the third annual Public Safety Day

                     sponsored by the                      

   City of Bay St. Louis, Mississippi

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This page is still under construction

This is a day set aside every year to give the public a chance to meet the people dedicated to public safety in an nonthreatening situation.  This gives the kids a chance to explore the equipment, ask questions,enter the annual coloring contest  and win some nice prizes.

This also allows the taxpayers to see where their money is going, to meet with a     lot of our city officials and have a good time with their families.

This year the kids got to meet not only the firefighters and police officers but some pretty special characters at the same time.

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A special thanks goes out to Tammy Garber, Administrative Secretary for obtaining and organizing the huge stacks of public safety handouts, coloring books, contest prizes, pencils, pens, rulers, helmets that go out on this day.

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As always the entire department was on hand to show off the equipment, guide the kids through the trucks and keep them from blowing the air horns and sirens too much so the parents don't go home with a major headache.

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The bell on the front of the new engine came off the first new fire engine the Bay had. This little one checks out the bell and fusses at whoever is ringing it from inside

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I have got to get me one of these!!!!     <-------------


Welcome to Hot Dog Heaven

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Thanks to the Chief's wife Linda and to Mike Cuevas there were plenty of hot dogs to go around complete with anything you could possibly want to put on a dog

By the way the lady on the left is the Chief's mom- told you it was a family affair

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Coloring Contest

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Firepup and one of the judges of the     coloring contest

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      The Winners  

(photo not scanned yet)


Special guests

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Everybody got to meet Firepup             


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The Crash Test Dummies

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On the left Tennessee Gas who put on a demonstration on Natural Gas Home Safety  On the right local news person Al Showers.  Thanks guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Captain. Louie Prendergast, who is the official CPR instructor for the department demonstrates CPR to the folks each year.  This gives the kids a chance to learn a little bit about CPR

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Fire Rescue Demonstrations

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Always a favorite with both kids and adults are the demonstrations of fighting car fires and the use of the jaws of life                     

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Thanks to Bulldog Towing for supplying the vehicles used in these demonstrations

Rope Rescue

00_00029.jpg (2129 bytes) Rope Rescue Specialist Pam SanFilipo casts a watchful eye as Eddie Bourgeois rapels from the depot 00_00034.jpg (2463 bytes)
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Drug Education

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Bobbie on Bicycle?

No this is our very own Assistant Police Chief trying out the bicycle that is autographed and donated by Aaron Tipton to the Toys for Tots and will be raffled off

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       Dave  Stepreo

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Sergeant Paul Cox and Officer Zaro

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Zaro had a good time meeting all of     the kids and demonstrating his skills  as a police officer-----yes!!!! he found the drugs.

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Suspicious Characters?

Nope this is our police chief Frank McNeil and Sergeant Jim Martin lurking under the trees making sure all goes well

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Special Thanks

Thanks to Mike Cuevas for her usual support and help with this project

ed&dog2.jpg (4405 bytes) Thanks to Total Security and Eddie Bourgeois for their generous donation of the firepup suit.