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Dedication of the Fire/Safety trailer

Our thanks to the people who made this goal a reality:

Mike Cuevas for her untiring effort, James "Snuffy" Smith

for his timely help and especially the Allstate Foundation for their

generous donation.

TRAILER4.jpg (7475 bytes) Left to right

Mayor Eddie Farve, Fire Pup, Director of cultural affairs Michael Cuevas, Allstate agent James Smith, Fire Chief Robert Gavagnie, and Munincipal Clerk Robert Parker

TRAILER1.jpg (7526 bytes) Firepup tells the kids "Come on in"
TRAILER2.jpg (5792 bytes) The living room with kid size fireplace and mirror.................You can even hear the logs crackle
TRAILER3.jpg (5222 bytes) F/F Monty Strong of the Fire Safety Team

takes the first class of kids through the unit

"Be sure to check that door"

TRAILER6.jpg (8893 bytes) F/F Brian Sellier helps the kids down the escape ladder

The trailer was manufactured at Mobile Concepts by  Scotty